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Our Products

"Quality is Our Business"

The Superior Metal Roofing System

The architecturally designed panel profile is the ideal metal roof for residential use. These panels are the perfect size to compliment any home and are manufactured on-site with minimal waste, and eliminate the common "short shipments" or "damaged upon arrival" headaches.

We manufacture the complete roofing system including all the proper trims and flashings required to guarantee a trouble free roof.

Installation is a "Snap"

Unless the installation is a new construction over solid sheathing, we usually strap all roofs over existing materials to eliminate the extra costs of a tear off and disposal.

Once the roof is prepared for installation we start the process of manufacturing the panels on-site and installing trims and flashings as needed to complete the metal roofing system.

Each and every day the job site is kept tidy, and when the job is complete the only thing we leave behind is your new professionally installed metal roof!