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has been manufacturing and installing
Snap Lock Hidden Fastener Metal Roofing
across Prince Edward Island since 2012.

"We are truly the innovative leader in portable metal roofing on PEI"
    Why choose MacPhee's?

  • Hidden fastener panels are the best quality roofing panels available to the residential market, adding great appearance and value to your home.

  • Our Snap Lock system is a "SNAP" to install which keeps the cost down and gives the same appearance / value as a standing seam roof without the extra expense.

  • We use nothing but the best materials available to manufacture our products. 26 gauge is our standard, but we also offer the extra heavy 24 gauge material as an option.

  • Endless color options

  • We install our panels with all the proper trims and accessories to guarantee a lifetime of trouble free metal roof.

  • MacPhee's Snap Lock system is a Hidden Fastener Panel which uses minimal exposed fasteners. No more unsightly screws all over the roof?

  • Our Snap Lock panels are available in our standard 12" panel width, and we also offer a 16" width at an extra cost. Both panels are formed on-site in any length from eave to ridge. The sky is truly the limit to the length of our roofing panel!